Caveman Diet

"Caveman Diet"

"Caveman Diet"

Yes! the caveman diet  it’s rather a strange name  but  they always  say “you are what you eat” so you  ( X ) out some foods you do eat  that sticks to your ribs or stomach .This diet  has a mixture of  some meats and vegetables and fruits but read first and always remember consult your physcian before trying  the caveman diet.


The Sphere

"The Sphere"


Another way to pass the time of day  if you like making things like this sphere you just need a few things to go to work on it.And that will be provided to you  this can also be a hobby and also turn it into a small bussiness in making these wonderful objects.

Great Depression

Great Depression


1929 “The Great Depression”  a time where desperation sets in no jobs no money no food in there homes if they did have a home.Do you see any difference between today’s depression and 1929 depression? Do you think things will get better or worse in this depression? Or do we call it inflation?I wonder… 🙂

Focusing On Your Dreams

Colata Lavica

I’m sure we all like to dream even when they are good dreams can always or at times focus on good dreams. Like this picture for example sometimes we tend to watch a movie  and think that well it’s only a movie.But what if the movie   creepy like “Bates Motel” remember that movie? I’m sure you do now that’s a bad dream when we  fall to sleep that part of the movies enter the mind thus you are in a deep sleep dreaming of that movie,only difference is you put yourself in that movie don’t do that  instead try watching good movies and focus  on what part of the movie your mind had captured.

Play Urban Golf

Urban Golf

A  very interesting game  but you need the link to find out the rules of this game . This game can be played any where except the beach and but any where  there are free space out in the open with no object any where around. Urban golf  has it’s different rules only difference is you set the rules  but make sure there are no people around  except friends  or family members  and of course  adults as well.While playing  the game be safe  and respect each others  space meaning the game below the link  will be supplied  just click on and you may read all there is about it  to get a better understanding of the game.

Higher Speed Internet climbs To Mt.Everest

Nepal takes High Speed Internet to Mt. Everest

It appears that  a Nepal firm will be taking  the internet  to a higher location Mt.Everest. The reason is for  hikers and climbers and trekkers for better communication.It is a 3g high speed internet  on the worlds tallest mountain 29,035 feet it going to be cold up there.