My Dog Spike


My Dog Spike


Caveman Diet

"Caveman Diet"

"Caveman Diet"

Yes! the caveman diet  it’s rather a strange name  but  they always  say “you are what you eat” so you  ( X ) out some foods you do eat  that sticks to your ribs or stomach .This diet  has a mixture of  some meats and vegetables and fruits but read first and always remember consult your physcian before trying  the caveman diet.

Focusing On Your Dreams

Colata Lavica

I’m sure we all like to dream even when they are good dreams can always or at times focus on good dreams. Like this picture for example sometimes we tend to watch a movie  and think that well it’s only a movie.But what if the movie   creepy like “Bates Motel” remember that movie? I’m sure you do now that’s a bad dream when we  fall to sleep that part of the movies enter the mind thus you are in a deep sleep dreaming of that movie,only difference is you put yourself in that movie don’t do that  instead try watching good movies and focus  on what part of the movie your mind had captured.

How to get rid of a Headache

OK ,

found a very intersting article  if most such as my self experince these symtoms and they are called headaches

but different methods of curing a headache is used. From aspirins to acupuncture as I have read this article

I found that there other neat ways to cure a headache hope you all will take the time to read it.. it may be of  help

if it should be needed.   


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