Caveman Diet

"Caveman Diet"

"Caveman Diet"

Yes! the caveman diet  it’s rather a strange name  but  they always  say “you are what you eat” so you  ( X ) out some foods you do eat  that sticks to your ribs or stomach .This diet  has a mixture of  some meats and vegetables and fruits but read first and always remember consult your physcian before trying  the caveman diet.


One response to “Caveman Diet

  1. Wow….Well, I can’t foresee eliminating salt, sugar, potatoes or beans from my diet. Hey…potatoes are one of my fave veggies :). Eating with your fingers might be okay for some foods but I don’t believe it would work too well with spaghetti and I still haven’t mastered the art of using chopsticks. Although I like meat, I don’t have it for every meal. I do enjoy vegetables and fruits :).

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