Our Instant Tent

Our Instant Tent

When we got to our camp site it did not take us long to set up our tent for our first time.It took us about 5 mins to set our tent up but it’s the experience we had while camping and sleeping in our tent.The first 2 days was a bit windy this was in June of 2012 then it was a test for our tent the 3rd day it was raining and the rain stopped but has I look at the wall of our tent I slowly brushed my hands along the side of the tent it was wet as though it was like condensation.On the last 2 days of our camping it was raining again but the last day was the worst I had observed other campers next to us were packing up and leaving due to the rain,I had noticed the water was rising around our tent my wife and I decided to pack up and leave it was obvious that we had to stop at Taco Bell and have dinner before going home.The tent though has a minor flaw and I believe the manufacturer will need to find a way to make the instant tents more water proof.


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