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Tools ‹ Bluemax 45 space — WordPress

I   have  a good  friend of mine tell me that the Harry Potter

books were evil and that it would invite problems by

 being  read. I  have  no  problems  of   reading  these  books

I have  several  of  them  I don’t mind  adventure and clues

it makes  the  book  all  that  much  more  interesting .

So the bottom  is  I have  no  idea  what she  is  talking

about  but  as  they say  each  to  there  own  opinion.

I  also  I  like  reading  about  lost  ships  and  ships  that

are  beneath  the  sea  like  the  titanic  though it  has  been

almost  what  95 years  must  not  be to much  left  of   the

great  unsinkable  ship.


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